Custom Black Conveyors

Here is a great example of what we can do for our clients. A customer required two 12 inch x 72 inch conveyors with black belt and […]


15 Foot Automated Assembly Conveyor

We just shipped out another section of assembly line for an automotive glass manufacturer. This automation equipment detects product and raises a vacuum system to […]


Table Top Split Belt Conveyor

This is a custom made split belt conveyor made to fit on a table top. This split belt design incorporates a laser sensor to detect […]


Top Hold Down Conveyor

Here is one of our stock top hold down systems for a side tamp labeling system. Our top hold down conveyors will securely hold product […]


Vacuum garbage collector [video]

Vacuum Tab Collection System                                           […]


Automated Bin Assembly Fixture [video]

This is an automated assembly fixture that a large plastic molding company asked us to make. The design incorporates sensors to detect that all parts […]


Custom Applicator Posts

In response to a request for two custom vertical applicator posts Prodesign Automation designed and fabricated this custom solution. With only minimal clearance internal to […]

Label Slitter Rewinder

Label Rewinder & Slitter

Prodesign Automation was asked to engineer and manufacture an inexpensive Rewinder & Slitting system. We designed one that requires no input from the operator or […]

Blue Anodized Hugger System

Blue Anodized Hugger Systems

Prodesign Automation is very proud to offer colour anodized finishes to its line of conveyor systems. Why not add some style and elegance to an […]

Back to Back Conveyor

Back to Back Conveyor

This is one of our Back to Back conveyor systems. This system allows labeling companies to mount inkjet and label applicators to both the top […]


12 Foot Tall Adjustable Vertical Applicator Post

Do we make custom adjustable vertical posts? We sure do. In response to a US label application company we designed and fabricated a heavy duty […]

Conveyor 1 x 6 foot 1

12 inch x 72 inch Stock Conveyor System

Here is one of our stock conveyor systems. This unit is 12 inch x 72 inch and like all of our conveyors uses a VFD to power […]


Twin belt conveyor [video]

This is one of our Twin Belt Conveyors. Typically used for thru labeling or product manipulation.


5′ Hugger conveyor [video]

This is one of our standard variable speed adjustable 1″ to 14″ Hugger Conveyors. This system is used for label wrapping various width products. Allowing […]


Hugger Conveyor with New Ink Jet Stand

Today we shipped out one of our standard 5 foot variable speed 1″ to 14″ adjustable width hugger conveyors. This unit is integrated with a label […]

Prodesign Adjustable Post

Adjustable Label Applicator Bases

Prodesign Automation is proud to launch our own line of label applicator bases and posts. We now offer pre engineered vertical and horizontal labeling applicator […]